It's our pleasure
to serve the
finest Sushi in
the Helderberg.

Various sushi pieces in large black plates and salads in black bowls.

What's on special


10 Piece Combo
  • 4pc Hake Crunch Rolls
  • 4pc M Towers
  • 2pc Salmon Roses


20 Piece Combo
  • 8pc Hake Crunch Rolls
  • 8pc M Towers
  • 4pc Salmon Roses
Sushi maki rolls and crab salad with sauce.
Sushi fashion sandwiches on a matt black plate with garnishes and small bowl of soya sauce.
Tuna poke bowl and Salmon poke bowl with black chopsticks.
Sushi salmon roses on a matt black plate with ginger and wasabi and black chopsticks.
Various sushi pieces on a black platter with garnish.
Sushi pieces with edamame beans on top and leaves for garnish.

This way for great sushi.

Carefully selected ingredients are guaranteed fresh. Our creations are crafted with loving care, and our attention to detail means even our ginger isn't dyed pink to ensure it remains 100% pure.

Sound a bit crazy? We are: crazy about the outstanding product we give to our customers.

Sushi fashion sandwich held in the air between chopsticks.

Add a pinch of Portugal

Our proudly Portuguese heritage means we're always adding little surprises from home, like our Chicken or Prawn Rissóis and homemade Pasteis de Nata (custard tarts).

Check in regularly for new treats from Portugal on our menu!